The Midnight Club: Here's how the new Netflix series differs from the popular book

From small details, to big drastic changes, here's how The Midnight Club series is different from the book.

The Midnight Club: How is the series different from the books?
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The Midnight Club: How is the series different from the books?

Last week, Netflix dropped its latest series, The Midnight Club, and the internet has been going wild over it. The horror-thriller show is directed by The Haunting Of Hill House and Oculus maker, Mike Flanagan.

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The series, which is an adaptation of Christopher Pike’s novel titled The Midnight Club is a commercial success. Although both the book and the show have received a lot of acclamation, a couple of things set them vastly apart.

The Midnight Club plot

The plot takes place in a hospice that houses terminally ill teenagers. They meet at midnight and share horror stories with each other every day. They make a pact that the first person to die from the group must communicate with the others from beyond. And when that occurs, things start to get a little eerie in the hospice.

How is the book different from the series?

The book and the series are mostly identical but with some small plot and story variations. Flanagan has gone ahead and put his own spin on the novel to make it more interesting for the screens.

Supernatural element

The show gives room for more supernatural elements as compared to the books. As per Cosmopolitan, Brightcliffe (the hospice) isn’t haunted in the novel.

The midnight stories

The stories exchanged by the children vary drastically in the novel and the series. Only one story, Two Danas narrated by Anya, features in both versions of The Midnight Club.

New characters

The series features some new faces that weren’t a part of the book. As per E Online, characters such as Natsuki, Amesh and Cheri weren’t present in the original novel.

Brightcliffe Hospice

The (in)famous hospice originally had a different name in the book. They changed it from Rotterham to Brightcliffe for the series. They also changed the name of the chief doctor from White to Stanton in the series.

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