Queen Camilla: This is why her choice of tiara made headlines

On Wednesday 18 October, King Charles and Queen Camilla attended the ancestral Pearl Sword Ceremony. The Queen debuted a tiara that made headlines. Here’s why.

Queen Elizabeth Queen Camilla Royal Family Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara
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Queen Elizabeth Queen Camilla Royal Family Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara

At the Pearl Sword Ceremony at Mansion House in London, two main things happen. First, King Charles addressed his anger issues. Second, Queen Camilla wore a tiara.

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Yes, we know, wearing a tiara when you are a royal is not exceptional, however, they are still used only for special occasions. Moreover, because the royal line of Windsor is old and the British monarchy even older, choosing a tiara becomes a statement.

A look into why Queen Camilla’s tiara on Wednesday 18 October had royal watchers and experts gasping.

Queen Camilla wears the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara

The Pearl Sword Ceremony was organised to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III and the Queen Consort. This event took place in the heart of the financial district in London and the most wealthiest and powerful people were invited.

This ceremony is also ancestral and can be traced back to Queen Elizabeth I. It was definitely the right time to wear a tiara. And Queen Camilla didn’t choose any tiara. No, she chose the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara.

For people who aren’t familiar with the name, you probably will know what this tiara looks like. Indeed, it is the tiara that Queen Elizabeth II wore for her first official portrait. Moreover, throughout her reign, the tiara was a fixture and it is believed to be one of the late Queen’s favourites.

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara was gifted to Queen Elizabeth II by her grandmother, Queen Mary, as a wedding present. This is the tiara that Queen Elizabeth wears on some coins and banknotes.

As TikTok royal watcher @matta_of_fact says:

(This tiara) is synonymous with Queen Elizabeth II and her entire reign
The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara @sarahdiaryz on X

A choice that makes sense but is controversial

As the Queen Consort, Queen Camilla has the right to wear this tiara. However, when it comes to royals, having the right to do something is sometimes not enough for it to be accepted by the masses.

Here, her choice to wear the tiara that represents Queen Elizabeth, just a year after she passed away, is seen by some royal watchers as problematic. Under @matta_of_fact’s video some comments say:

Too soon!
I think it’s kinda disrespectful that she wears Queen Elizabeth’s most iconic tiara so close after her death
I think this is disrespectful to Queen Elizabeth’s memory

On X, comments are not much better and make the same point.

However, it is important to remember that Camilla, no matter what past controversies she went through, is now the Queen Consort. And, because of those past controversies, she needed to make a statement.

An argument that @matta_of_fact puts forward and that is really interesting is that the tiara directly links her to Queen Elizabeth II and sends the message that she is now Queen. It could also be a way for Camilla to ‘honour’ the late Queen and carry her legacy ‘from the past into the present.’

The last argument that the royal watcher brings up, which is fascinating, is the choice to wear it at a function taking place at the centre of the financial hub of the United Kingdom. By wearing this tiara, which is an heirloom, a ‘sign of generational wealth’, Queen Camilla and the Crown send a clear message of power and strength.

The issue of how the Royal Family honours their members

Members of the Royal Family are scrutinised for what they wear. Of course, this mostly applies to the women but the men can also attract the spotlight with their outfits. For instance, Prince William’s choice to honour both his grandmother and father during Trooping the Colour made headlines.

One of the reasons why clothes and outfits overall are looked at with such intensity is because it is known that it is how royals send powerful messages. A recent example of that is Princess Kate’s suits. This was perceived as a way for the new Princess of Wales to give more space to the causes she represents and remove the spotlight from her clothes (it didn’t work).

Moreover, the most valuable currency royals have is their image and this is why they spend so much time crafting it. Anything that can damage that image needs to be handled and removed. Ask Meghan Markle.

So, when Queen Camilla wears a tiara that is ‘synonymous’ with the reign of Queen Elizabeth II it has much more meaning than just a tiara. It could be a way to honour the late monarch, it could also be a show of power just like it could also be a clear sign that Queen Camilla is ready to take her place as Queen regardless of her past controversies.

But there is one question that remains: what else can the Royal Family do to honour their members other than wear clothes and jewellery?

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