Princess Lilibet: Royal commentator suggests controversy around her name could haunt her as she grows up

The controversy around Princess Lilibet’s name has been raging for over a week due to new claims included in a royal book. The consequences of these claims have now been brought forth.

Princess Lilibet name Meghan Markle Prince Harry
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Princess Lilibet name Meghan Markle Prince Harry

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced the name of their second child, Princess Lilibet, they stated that the child was named in honour of both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana.

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Almost immediately in 2021, rumours started spreading about whether or not the Queen had been informed and asked about her great-granddaughter’s name using her childhood nickname. Reports were conflicting but over time tabloids moved on.

In January 2024, the ‘controversy’ returned to the spotlight when author and Daily Mail columnist Robert Hardman published a book in which he claimed royals aids told him the Queen was left very angry by the Sussexes’ choice of name for their daughter.

The consequences of the controversy

Talking to Express, Royal Holloway professor Pauline Maclaran explains that now the name is causing even more controversy, it could ‘haunt’ the little Princess as she grows up.

The royal commentator says:

Her name is going to be associated with that idea that the Queen made that announcement and that’s not very nice actually for the child if that’s going be relived.

It is understood from Express’ article that an unspecified royal expert believes the Sussexes were ‘making problems’ for their daughter when they chose the name.

That being said, the Sussexes have always claimed that, though they didn’t ask for permission, they informed the late Queen of their decisions. As a spokesperson emphasised at the time of Princess Lilibet’s birth:

had she (the Queen) not been supportive they would not have used the name.

Now of course, all this controversy will one day make its way to the Princess’ ears which is something to remember for all royal watchers and commentators.

Another case of ‘recollections may vary’

As it currently stands, the debate around Princess Lilibet’s name opposed two teams: the Sussexes and the tabloids with their army of royal commentators.

As stated previously, the Sussexes have always claimed transparency with the Palace and the Queen while the tabloids’ stance has always been a bit more difficult to read. Last week (week of 15 January), we reported on some of the wild claims that were being made concerning Princess Lilibet’s name.

The wildest one was, without a doubt, Angela Levin’s claim about Meghan Markle supposedly copyrighting ‘Lilibet’ before the baby was even born. All these claims and rumours springboarded from Robert Hardman’s new King Charles biography which the Daily Mail serialised.

The author claims to have spoken to aides and royal sources, all of whom are anonymous. Though Hardman could very much have spoken to these people, we will never know the truth about what really happened in the Royal Family when the name of Princess Lilibet was announced.

To use a phrase employed by the Royal Family, Lilibet’s controversy will probably remain another case of ‘recollections may vary’. Maybe we should all leave it at that…

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