Prince William and Prince Harry are yet to reconcile despite joint appearances

According to a royal expert, Prince William and Prince Harry's strained relationship has a long way to go before the brothers can bury the hatchet.

Harry and William
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Harry and William

A long way to go

According to Princess Diana's former biographer Andrew Morton, 'a lot of water that's got to go under the bridge' before the princes reconcile from their rift. The author of 'Diana: Her True Story' revealed to royal expert The Insider's Mikhaila Friel that Prince Harry and Prince William have not yet made up, even though they seemed reunited at the unveiling ceremony of Diana's statue.

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Ms Friel said:

It's a difficult one because their press teams are famously very tight-lipped on personal matters, they won't reveal any contents of private conversations between the brothers, but we do know that they had that interaction at the statue unveiling and they did seem to be on good terms.
They were pictured talking, laughing, and everyone has an opinion on it. I recently interviewed Andrew Morton, who you may know as Diana's biographer, but his opinion was very strong and he said that he felt that the family had a very long way to go before there was any kind of reconciliation.
So although these big press events are drumming up the support and everyone wanting them to you know, put their differences aside, he believes it might not be so simple.
That is just one opinion but it is worth bearing in mind considering everything that's been going on in the past few months with the Oprah interview and all of these stories that have come out.

Hope for reconciliation

Speaking to Ms Friel in April, Mr Morton said:

There's a general feeling in the media and amongst the public that we'd like to see them reconciled. So everybody, whether it's true or not, is grasping at any kind of straws of reconciliation and building a straw house of hope.
I think there's a lot of water that's got to go under the bridge before those two and their father are reconciled. You don't say that your brother's trapped and your father's trapped in the institution, which you were born into, and expect everyone to be all sweet.
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