King Charles' reign could be short as he is 'struggling', psychic claims

King Charles’ coronation is on its way. Naturally, many are wondering how long his reign will be. According to a psychic, he won’t last long.

King Charles’ reign could be short as he is ‘struggling’ according to psychic
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King Charles’ reign could be short as he is ‘struggling’ according to psychic

King Charles will be crowned King on May 6 alongside his wife, Queen Camilla. His mother, Queen Elizabeth reigned for 70 years, so now many are wondering how long King Charles will reign. A psychic believes he has figured out how long Charles will be King.

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A psychic predicts King Charles’ reign

Psychics predicting the future is nothing new and has been around for centuries. One from Birmingham believes he knows how long King Charles will reign…and it’s not for very long.

According to John Hughes King Charles will abdicate in less than ten years…seven to be precise. He believes that King Charles isn’t up for the challenges that come with being King and won’t be able to fill his mother’s shoes. He said:

I think he’s struggling. King Charles is worried about the future, one million per cent it’s going through his mind whether he can do the job.
He is modern enough to become a modern King.
Within seven years, I think Charles will realise that he wants to abdicate.

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According to him, King Charles will abdicate to avoid the country spending ‘millions of pounds’ on a state funeral. However, this statement isn’t completely true, even if King Charles isn’t King, he would still have a state funeral as he was a member of the Royal Family.

I know that Charles will not be able to fulfill his mother’s boots. It’s too much of a big job so he will restructure the Royal Family and put a young King in.

The psychic also predicted that Prince Harry and Meghan will separate in two years:

I see Meghan and Harry splitting up within the next two years, I see something going on there.

Abdication isn’t as easy as people think

A lot of people called for Queen Elizabeth to abdicate toward the end of her reign and to pass the crown down to either Charles or William. Many also now think that Charles should abdicate and pass the crown down to Prince William.

However, despite what people think, the monarch cannot simply decide they no longer want to be monarch anymore. If King Charles did want to abdicate, he would need the Parliament to pass an Act of Abdication.

The law would allow Prince William to take the throne and keep the line of succession. Royal historian Marlene Koenig told Insider:

He can't just say, 'OK, here it's yours, William.' Nope. The succession to the throne is legislated by parliament

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Moreover, if Charles stepped down, Prince William would suddenly become King without any training and would put a lot of pressure on him and his son Prince George, who would become the new Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cornwall whilst still being a minor.

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