Piers Morgan and Nigel Farage: This is how their bitter feud started

When Nigel Farage finished third on I’m A Celeb, one person rejoiced more than others that the former politician didn’t win: Piers Morgan. But why did Morgan take the time to comment on a show he probably doesn’t watch? We tell you everything.

Piers Morgan, Nigel Farage, feud
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Piers Morgan, Nigel Farage, feud

Piers Morgan and Nigel Farage are two very controversial men in the British media landscape. Morgan is known for his interviews and his love of ‘freedom of speech’ while Farage’s name gained traction during the Brexit referendum campaign.

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It seemed logical that their paths would cross at one point or another but we didn’t anticipate that they would make headlines together while Farage was taking part in I'm A Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here. But they did and apparently there is history between the two.

What Piers Morgan had to say about Nigel Farage

Piers Morgan took to X to air his thoughts about Nigel Farage when it was announced that the former politician had placed third on I’m A Celeb. Making a post, Morgan said:

Congrats to Nigel Farage on losing a public vote for the 7th time, this time to an irritating reality TV halfwit in the lowest-rated series of I’m A Celebrity. And for ending up engulfed with snakes, an appropriate final humiliation for the biggest snake in Britain.

Morgan didn’t stop there. On X he continued his mockery. Responding to an article for The Telegraph titled ‘Nigel Farage’s I’m A Celebrity will boost our election hopes, says Reform leader’, he wrote:

Popularity? He lost to someone I’ve never heard of.

How did the Morgan - Farage feud begin?

So where is this coming from? Of course, people in the public eye are bound to have ‘enemies’ but this one feels a bit random. To understand its origins, one must look into the past.

In December 2021, Nigel Farage interviewed former President Donald Trump. This interview was a momentous occasion for GB News which had been introduced just a few months prior. The interview took place at Trump’s Florida residence of Mar-a-Lago.

Then in April 2022, Piers Morgan also interviewed Donald Trump. However, the interview was more tense and less friendly than Farage’s. And that’s where, according to Morgan, their feud starts.

Indeed, in a tweet and in an interview with Times RadioPiers Morgan alleges that Nigel Farage tried to ruin his Donald Trump interview. On the radio he explains that minutes before the interview started a member of Trump’s team took him aside and told him there was a problem.

The president had been sent this three page document of the things you’ve said about him in the last year.
It turned out Nigel Farage had had dinner at Mar-a-Lago three days before and gone back to London and prepared – and bare in mind the same Farage who, when he got a Trump interview, I texted him congratulating him on his scoop –
this is a guy who then hears I got one, goes back to London, sends Trump a three-page dossier of all the worse things I’ve said about him in the last year.

These allegations haven't been confirmed but if they are true, it would be a good reason for Morgan to be anrgy at Farage.

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