Pierce Brosnan tried to sell mansion that was recently broken into for $100M

An intruder entered Pierce Brosnan’s Malibu house on 21 June. But the James Bond actor has other properties and a massive net-worth.

Pierce Brosnan tried to sell mansion that was recently broken into for $100M
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Pierce Brosnan tried to sell mansion that was recently broken into for $100M

When hearing the news of Pierce Brosnan’s house being broken into we immediately wanted to know what the house looked like. And it did not disappoint.

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The news itself is quite troubling with Brosnan’s wife reportedly being inside the property at the time of the break-in.

However, there could have been a massive chance for the property to be empty as Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith, have other places they can be at.

Pierce Brosnan’s Malibu house

Calling this property a house is an understatement. It is a magnificent and grand property.

According to Hello!, the couple purchased the ‘beachside land in 2000’ and then spent the following 10 years transforming it.

The house sits on a ‘13,000-square-foot compound’ and is idyllic.

When talking about it to to the Wall Street Journal, Brosnan explains that he told his wife:

go build your dream house. And she did

The house includes five bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms, a home movie theatre and direct access to the beach.

It also includes:

a large deck for ocean viewing. Outside is a large open deck for entertaining along with a separate living and dining area with wind breaks if needed.

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Pierce Brosnan tried to sell his house

In 2020, the Brosnans tried to sell the house for a mere $100 million. But then, in 2021, they removed their listing. At the time Brosnan explained

(Malibu) has my heart. [But these days], home is very much here in the islands.

Brosnan also talks about how Hawaii is the only place where he can see himself and his wife growing old.

It is also great foreshadowing that, when designing the house, the couple got inspired by Brosnan’s most famous role. Indeed, they installed ‘state-of-the-art security system with pressure sensors and infra-red lights, directly linked to the local sheriff

As one Twitter user says:

007 we have a mission for ya !

The Brosnan’s ‘wee cottage’ in Hawaii

While they bought their Malibu land in 2000 the couple needed somewhere else to leave as it house itself was being built.

In 2002, they bought what Brosnan calls a ‘wee cottage.’ In 2020, when talking to Closer he explained that the ‘wee cottage’ sits on five-acres of land.

While Pierce Brosnan loves his Malibu house, he is incredibly fond of his property in Hawaii which he calls a ‘gift’ and ‘truly magical.

This property allows Brosnan to have an art studio where he can practice his painting, something he had stopped doing to focus on his acting career.

For him and his family ‘home’ is definitely ‘on the islands.’

Pierce Brosnan’s net worth

With being an iconic James Bond and taking part in the Mamma Mia films, the actor has amassed a ginormous amount of money.

Not only does he have property which he can hop between but he is reportedly worth $200 million.

This of course is explained by his movie career but his properties come in handy as well.

It has been reported that while the couple is not using their Malibu property they rent it for $250,000 per month.

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