Pippa Middleton: Here's what's inside her £15 million mansion

Pippa Middleton's £15 million mansion may be very close to her sister's cottage in Windsor but the two have almost nothing in common.

Pippa Middleton £15 million mansion
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Pippa Middleton £15 million mansion

Prince William and Kate Middleton currently live in Windsor at Adelaide Cottage. The couple accompanied by their three children - Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte - are 10 minutes away from Windsor Castle.

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It was reported that the move was very convenient for the Princess of Wales as it brings her closer to her family. Indeed, her parents as well as her sister, Pippa, live close by. In 2021, Pippa and he husband, James Matthews bought a gorgeous and huge mansion in Windsor as well. New details about the house have been revealed.

A £15m mansion

As reported, in 2021, Pippa Middleton bought a £15 million home in Berkshire with her investment banker husband James Matthews. The couple who now has three children – Arthur, Grace and Rose – needed a bigger and more spacious house for their family's needs.

Their new house in the county is just about a 20-minute drive from her parents Michael and Carole Middleton’s home in Bucklebury. At the time of the buy, a friend of the couple said:

Pippa and her family are thrilled. It’s a very exciting time in their lives. They are looking forward to living closer to her parents.

Meanwhile, Express.co.uk reports that a local resident confirmed:

It’s a far more impressive property than any of those on the Windsor estate, apart from the castle.

As such Pippa’s new home is better than that of her Royal sister, who became the Princess of Wales in 2022 as well as the biggest private landowner in Britain with her husband Prince William’s inheritance.

Pippa’s new home and renovations

It is reported that the house has about 30 rooms and 150 acres of grounds that descend to a river, providing plenty of room for kids to play with their royal cousins. Additionally, in the sizable walled garden and greenhouses, Pippa and her family will be able to cultivate food.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate's new house Adelaide Cottage is a modest four-bedroom home as per royal standard.

It is believed that no one knew that the Georgian property was on sale and its purchase was carried out privately. The previous owner of the house invested millions of pounds in its repair before making the sale to Pippa and her husband. However, it is not known if the couple has sold their house in the capital.

In 2023, Express revealed that even though renovations had been carried out by the previous owners of the mansion, Pippa Middleton and her husband chose to carry out more. Indeed, they reports that this year the couple:

submitted plans to remove the massive walled garden in the grounds to house an 2 ft x 19 ft swimming pool plus a tennis court and changing rooms


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