Love Island Games: New couple from spin-off series spotted after their recent social media updates

Love Island Games is set to air on November 1 on Peacock. As all the Islanders return from the Fiji villa, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a new couple.

Love Island Games Jack Fowler Justine Ndiba
© Love Island/ ITV 2/ ITV HUB
Love Island Games Jack Fowler Justine Ndiba

Love Island Games is a spin-off of ITV2’s popular dating reality show. The first season will air on November 1 on Peacock with host Maya Jama and social media ambassador Maura Higgins. However, the spin-off is pre-recorded and its filming ended recently. Meaning, there’s a winner of the series already.

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As viewers spot clues of who could be the winner on Love Island Games contestants’ social media profiles, they have spotted a couple!

Love Island Games - Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba a potential couple?

According to The Sun, eagle-eyed fans spotted that ever since the contestants returned from Fiji Jack Fowler - UK series 4 and Justine Ndiba - USA season 2 often hang out together. They posted updates on their social media from the same locations, restaurants and bars.

Claims on X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit also reveal that Jack is possibly staying over at Justine’s house in LA.

Additionally, all the Islanders have flown back to their home countries except for Jack. Seeing the potential connection between the two, a fan wrote on Reddit:

My delulu side believes that we might not have any concrete romantic pairings (except for maybe flings and hookups) in the season, except for Justine and Jack. Most of the international Islanders have gone back to their home countries, save for Jack (and Scott but we’re not really counting him cause he’s not hanging out with any Islanders), and it makes me wonder why.

Many others added:

I’m shipping Jack & Justine so this is great news for me
Jack and Justine's Insta stories lizzzosflute/Reddit
Yeah there is definitely. I also noticed they both followed each other first after been silent for awhile they were not in the cast partying. Jack is only followed her first then cely lol
He’s staying at her apartment and going to different places together. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that they are together romantically in some capacity.

Could Jack and Justine be the only couple formed on Love Island Games? If so, would they sustain a long-distance relationship?

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Love Island to return on our TV screens next month: What is Love Island The Games? Love Island to return on our TV screens next month: What is Love Island The Games?