David and Victoria Beckham have been together since 1997, here's their life in pictures

David and Victoria Beckham are as iconic today as they were in the 90's.

David and Victoria Beckham life
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David and Victoria Beckham life

David Beckham is one of the best-known footballers in the game. A former England captain, Becks also played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan and PSG over his career. In the 90s, he was playing for Manchester United and posters of him were plastered on the walls of British teens across the country - boys and girls alike. So, what could he possibly have done to make even more of a name for himself. Well, get together with a pop princess, of course.

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Victoria Beckham was also enjoying massive success as part of the girlband Spice Girls when she met Becks in 1997. The pair hit it off, and had their first son Brooklyn - and got married - just two years later. They went on to have another son, Romeo, in 2002. Later that year, the couple were shaken when a plot to kidnap Victoria - and their sons if they had been with her - was uncovered.

The pair went through a rough time again when Beckham's former personal assistant claimed Becks had had an affair with her while married to Victoria. However, the famous duo got past their troubles and have since become fan favourite celebrities both in the UK and the US, where they moved in 2007. They now have four children together, and continue to deliver fresh fashion looks at events.

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