David Beckham is facing backlash from fans once again, here's why

David Beckham has been struggling to win public adoration after his Qatar deal for the past few months and he’s yet again under the radar.

David Beckham gets the heat from fans yet again
© Samir Hussein
David Beckham gets the heat from fans yet again

David Beckham recently posted a new set of pictures with billionaire Bill Gates on his Instagram. And while the former footballer looked absolutely dashing in the pictures, fans are still pissed at him and made sure that he knows why.

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Sold soul, already?

Facing backlash is common for any media personality, but you know something’s definitely not right if the fans accuse you of selling your soul. Beckham met Bill Gates after his recent controversy over his association with Qatar, despite its harsh discrimination laws against women and gay people.

The 47-year-old footballer signed a £10 million deal to promote the Qatar World Cup despite the borderline inhuman laws of the country. His fans and followers across the globe have criticised him for the gesture ever since.

As such, when he posted new pictures with Bill Gates and called it an ‘honour’ to meet such ‘inspiring’ people that are ‘changing young lives for the better,’ he was met with a severe backlash. The Express reported fans took to his post and commented:

Oh dear! Your reputation is now in tatters
Yeah this doesn’t offset you taking millions from qatar.

One even went as far as saying this:

Selling your soul fast aren’t you David.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates commented:

It's not every day you get to meet a living legend. Thanks for getting together to discuss global health and innovation.

Qatar and Beckham

This comes after Beckham earlier claimed that Qatar is ‘perfection’ in a new advert to promote the country. Despite Qatar’s three-year jail sentence for homosexuality and restricted freedom for women, Beckham said in the advert:

Qatar really is an incredible place to spend a few days on a stopover.
This is perfection. I cannot wait to bring my children back here.

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David Beckham labelled a 'failure' despite issuing a statement on controversy David Beckham labelled a 'failure' despite issuing a statement on controversy