Miss Swimsuit UK Was Stripped of Her Title Over a Controversial ‘All Lives Matter’ Post

The Black Lives Matter protests have sparked a lot of controversy for a multitude of reasons from rioting to which monuments should be torn down. Recently, Miss Swimsuit UK was stripped of her title after creating an 'All Lives Matter' post that even questioned George Floyd's innocence.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, Jasmine Archer-Jones, 23, made some controversial statements including dismissing the Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations as an 'excuse to let loose' after being quarantined.

She went on to state that the actions of the protesters were 'ridiculous' and that it 'HAS to STOP'. She also added that 'ALL lives matter', citing statistics about how 'more unarmed white people died than black last year'. This mirrored a similar statement made by President Donald Trump.

While the statistics show that this is true in a literal sense, more white people did, in fact, die in the hands of police than black people in America in 2019, it doesn't tell you that white people account for more than 75 % of the population while blacks only account for approximately 13%.

Despite the clearly smaller black population in America, black people made up 23.6% of police killings and whites 37%. Which points to the fact that the rate at which black people are being killed is far more disproportionate.

She also called into question the innocence of George Floyd, a black man that was murdered by police officers that more or less sparked this year's Black Lives Matter protests. Stating that in video footage he was unwilling to get out of his vehicle when being asked by the officers, prompting them to use any force necessary.

Facebook: Jasmine Archer-jones

In reality, the actual video footage shows that Mr. Floyd was more than co-operative during the beginning of the arrest and actually apologized to the officers repeatedly. There was a struggle that ensued when cops attempted to place him in their squad car as according to news sources, that he 'stiffened up' and collapsed to the ground stating to the officers that he was 'claustrophobic'.

In no way does this merit actions for an officer to kneel on his neck for more than 8 minutes while Floyd was handcuffed and repeatedly stating he could not breathe.

While Jasmine Archer-Jones won the Miss Swimsuit UK competition in September and was crowned Ms. Swimsuit UK for 2019/20, the organisation has since changed the name of their Queen to 2018's winner Kinna Louise and dropped Ms. Archer-Jones into the Previous Winners category.

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