COVID: UK confirms a lockdown free holiday

Death tolls in the UK on a steady rise, while Health Minister, Sajid Javid confirms a lockdown-free holiday season.

COVID: U.K. confirms a lockdown free holiday
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COVID: U.K. confirms a lockdown free holiday

The UK’s cumulative death toll in a fortnight is 143,927.

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The Health Minister, Sajid Javid has confirmed today that, England is ‘firmly’ on its path to a lockdown-free holiday season.

Amidst the upsurge of cases, he shrugged aside the necessity for a backup plan and stated that it is a ‘national mission’ to come togetherand play the dutiful part as citizens of the U.K.

Plan A to fight COVID

Yesterday on Trevor Phillips, Javid hoped that the citizens can ‘look forward to Christmas together’ as the U.K. has the ‘right measures’ to combat a tough winter.

Plan A to remain sufficient for the citizens in the month of December, said Javid. Yet, he urged the ministers to ‘remain cautious, not complacent in any way,’ as Europe continues to be gripped by the plague.

Announced in September, Plan A will deal with vaccination shots, tests and border control. Whereas, Plan B measures enlisted would introduce work from home orders, the mandatory use of masks and vaccine passports.

Javid added:

We’ve said all along that we’ve got Plan A, and that’s where we firmly are at the moment. If we needed to take further measures with Plan B then we would do so, but we're not at that point.

More shots for Christmas!

Christmas is that time of the year when the majority of people enjoy spending it indoors, a likely place for the virus to thrive.

The ‘tough winter’ is yet to arrive, warned the PM, Boris Johnson. In order to control the influx of COVID patients into the hospitals, he has decided to call for more rounds of the vaccine shots.

To have a restriction less Christmas, Javid adds:

Vaccines are our main form of defence against this virus. We can already see how the vaccine programme is helping us get back towards a more normal way of life.

The ardent plea comes as millions of Britons get prepared to have their booster shots to improve their immunity.

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