This Is How Donald Trump Plans to Limit Same-Sex Couples' Access to Adoption

Donald Trump's administration is trying to get a ruling passed by the Supreme Court using the First Amendment, which discriminates against same-sex couples who want to adopt. Here's how he plans to do it.

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Once again, Donald Trump's administration is attempting to limit the LGBTQ community's access to adoption. This time, the administration is trying to discriminate against same-sex couples who wish to adopt through faith-based adoption agencies who discriminate against these couples in the name of their religious freedoms.

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Washington Blade reports that the Trump administration has sent a 35-page document to the US Supreme Court to validate the actions of faith-based adoption agencies that limit same-sex people's rights to adopt a child, using religious grounds.

Using the First Amendment as justification

In the city of Philadelphia, for example, the ‘Catholic Social Services’ agency has chosen to prohibit same-sex couples from having access to adoption. They are using the First Amendment to the US Constitution as a way to pass this abuse of power, ‘which, among other things, prohibits Congress from limiting freedom of religion or expression.’

The Trump administration is using the same argument, namely the right to apply the First Amendment because the government believes that the ‘free exercise of religion’ must be protected.

As a result, Catholic Social Services could be able to choose only heterosexual couples and single people ‘because they adhere to the belief that marriage is the union between one man and one woman.’

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