David Beckham: The footballer's secret multimillion legal war explained

David Beckham and his company are waging a multimillion legal battle on counterfeit sellers.

David Beckham lawsuit
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David Beckham lawsuit

David Beckham is one of the most recognisable sports figures in the world and a very shrewd businessman. He has managed to brilliantly monetize his likeness and grow his net worth through a series of good business movessuch as his early bet on football in America and the eventual creation of his Miami club and DB Ventures, an entity that looks after his most lucrative deals including fragrances, clothes and accessories. However, like any popular product, the market soon saw the introduction of counterfeit products that sought to capitalise on Beckham’s likeness which has now landed the sports legend in court to try and protect his intellectual property.

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Details of the lawsuit

DB Ventures has filed a lawsuit targeting counterfeiters who have been selling dupes of their products on Amazon, eBay and Etsy. They have used specialised trademark firm The Sladkus Group to legally stop the sale of these counterfeits which they have managed to do for now as the court granted a preliminary injunction on all parties in August.

According to The Sun, the court documents state:

The sale of unauthorized products bearing counterfeit and/or infringing copies of the DBV Marks poses a real threat to DBV’s brand. It also affects the sustainability of DBV’s business and to the individuals and companies who unwittingly purchase them.
Products that do not meet DBV’s quality standards erode the brand’s valuable reputation and goodwill. If consumers are dissatisfied with the quality of the unauthorized product, that displeasure will be attributed to DBV’s brand.

DB Ventures

The Daily Mail reports that the profitable turnover of the company has reached £72m in 2022. Beckham sold 55% of the company to Authetic Brands Group in the same year for £200 million. This controlling interest is reportedly behind the lawsuit due to the losses accrued after reputational damage and ‘lost sales and harm'. The plaintiffs are seeking £1.58 million in damages from the sellers responsible.

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