David Beckham and Tom Cruise: The actors used to be close friends until the Beckhams made a major move

Tom Cruise and David Beckham's friendship crumbled one fine day, after being inseparable. Here's what happened between the two stars.

David Beckham Tom Cruise close friends major move
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David Beckham Tom Cruise close friends major move

David and Victoria Beckham were definitely the 'it' couple in the early 2000s. Known to make high-profile friends, the Beckhams were even friends with the royals. But, their friendship with Harry and Meghan is said to have ended on a bad note.

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But this isn’t the only high-profile couple that the Beckhams abruptly broke up with. Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Katie Holmes are on that list. Beckham’s new Netflix docuseries dives into his personal life, from his friction with his former coach Sir Alex Ferguson tothe toughest time in his marriage with Victoria.

While the docuseries did touch on the subject of connections he formed while in LA, it did not dive into the breakup between the Beckham and Cruise families. Here’s what happened.

Beckham X Cruise

David and Victoria Beckham, and Katie and Tom Cruise seemed inseparable at one point. Being a popular friendship in Hollywood, fans could not get enough of the two families, as they have been spotted partaking in various outings together. Casual outings turned into a serious friendship, which turned into a bad fallout and bitter feelings.

The friendship is said to have grown and solidified when the Beckhams’ moved to LA when David signed with the LA Galaxy squad, as per Hola! Magazine. And from then on, it was all glam, glitz, and public appearances for the two families. And they seemed to be getting on just fine, till they weren’t.

The downfall

Fans were disappointed to see the downfall of the friendship between these power couples. And there have been so many theories and stories as to why this friendship didn’t make it. A source close to Tom Cruise said the following about what happened between them, in conversation with The Mirror.

Tom did everything for them when they first moved to LA. He practically gave them the keys to the city. He threw them a party to meet everyone important, and the moment they were established they chucked him!

The grudge

Tom Cruise allegedly still holds a grudge against the Beckhams for this unforeseen fallout. As per the same source, Victoria allegedly tried to patch things up with the Cruise family, but Tom outright rejected this reconciliation. The source said the following.

He’s still angry and has no intention of being friends again. David and Victoria tested the waters a while ago, but Tom ignored them — so it makes sense they haven’t invited him to anything. Tom clearly thinks they should have tried harder.

The other theory

While this was one of the rumors floating around about the sinking friendship between the Cruises and Beckhams, there was another popular theory making its rounds. Another source apparently told Radar Online that it was Tom Cruise’s religious beliefs that broke up the friendship. As per NY Posts’s take on the subject, this source said that Cruise was insistent about the pair learning more about Scientology, which sparked Beckham's decision to take a step back from the friendship. Tom Cruise, as the world knows, is an outspoken advocate for the Church of Scientology.

The Netflix docuseries

While fans of the footballer were hoping to learn more about the downfall of this friendship in his new tell-all Netflix docuseries, the Beckhams did not broach the subject. They did talk about their debut in LA’s world of glamor. And how they made big connections at an enormous party that Tom Cruise threw in their honor. With more focus on their interpersonal relationship as a couple, the Beckhams chose to shed light on their personal matters as a family, as opposed to their relationship with other celebrities.

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