Victoria Beckham splashes out on flashy £227k treat after her fashion label makes profit for first time

Posh has splashed some major dosh on a new set of wheels.

Victoria Beckham £227k Ferrari
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Victoria Beckham £227k Ferrari

The Beckhams are one of the most famous families in the UK, with the children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper capturing the media’s attention just as much as their superstar parents David and Victoria. The Beckhams’ tremendously popular Netflix documentary sparked a renewed interest in the family and their lavish lifestyle.

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Victoria was mocked for her understanding of ‘working class’, revealed in the documentary when she claimed to be a part of this group - but then her husband interjected to ask her what car her dad drove. The former Spice Girl admitted her father owned a Rolls Royce, and the internet went wild. Her latest purchase therefore seems fitting: Victoria Beckham has splashed out on a flashy new motor after her fashion brand finally became profitable last year.

Victoria Beckham’s £227k car

Victoria, 49, was seen arriving at work in a Ferrari Roma Blu Pozzi, which retails at £227,000. The designer looked chic behind the wheel of the 199mph Ferrari wearing her trademark black sunglasses and a tailored grey trouser suit.

This comes after Victoria revealed in an October 2023 interview with Vogue France that her fashion brand, which takes her name, turned a profit for the first time since its creation in 2008.

Victoria Beckham’s fashion brand finally makes a profit

The brand has been repeatedly bailed out by David Beckham over the years, who has pumped a total of around £30million into the project to save it from failing.

Last year, the brand’s main backer David Belhassen gave the first positive outlook for the brand’s future. Revenue was up almost 50%; a change that many credit to the high-profile names that have been representing the brand. Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid have both been seen sporting Victoria’s designs.

Victoria doesn’t seem to have let this previous difficulty dampen her excitement about the fact that the company is now profitable. She told Vogue France that it ‘takes time’ for a project to start making profit ‘especially for an independent brand’:

Now that I have laid down the groundwork for the house, the real work can begin.

The designer dreams of creating a big fashion house, joining some of the most successful fashion moguls at the top of the game. She gushed:

I won’t name any, at the risk of coming across as arrogant, but I would like to highlight, as humbly as possible, that I have lots of ambitions.

Time will tell what the future holds for the iconic Victoria Beckham!

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