Victoria Beckham receives family support as PETA protester interrupts her Paris Fashion Week show

As a fashion designer, Victoria Beckham was in France for Paris Fashion Week. However, things did not go smoothly as protesters stormed the catwalk.

Victoria Beckham PETA protester Paris Fashion Week
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Victoria Beckham PETA protester Paris Fashion Week

As many know, the former Spice Girl member, Victoria Beckham is a fashion designer. Indeed, she owns the brand Victoria’s Secret. This means that recently, the 49-year-old was in France for Paris Fashion Week.

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However, the former singer’s entrance didn’t go as planned as the catwalk was stormed by protesters due to the brand’s choice of materials for their products. Thankfully, Victoria, who recently revealed how she feels about becoming a grandma, was surrounded by her family during the show, except one member of the family was missing.

Not only was Victoria Beckham’s catwalk interrupted by protests, but the fashion designer was also on crutches. Here’s everything that happened.

Victoria Beckham interrupted by protesters

As reported by Daily Mail, Victoria Beckham took to the catwalk in Saint Germain, Paris, France for Paris Fashion Week. The former singer strutted down the catwalk on crutches after sustaining an injury to her ankle during a gym workout.

Victoria’s husband, former footballer David Beckham shared on Instagram that Victoria had injured her foot after a ‘little accident in the gym’ and showed a photo of the former singer in an orthopaedic boot, as per The Guardian.

During Victoria’s walk, PETA activists stormed the runway waving placards reading 'viva vegan leather' and 'animals are not fabric'. Indeed, Victoria's Secret is known for using Nappa leather, which is made from lambs, and calf leather for some of their bags.

The live stream of the catwalk was interrupted and Victoria walked the runway a second time after the PETA protesters had been removed, as per Daily Mail.

Despite the interruptions, Beckham still had a broad smile and didn’t let the protesters dampen her spirits.

Victoria Beckham was supported by family, but one person was missing

During the fashion show, Victoria Beckham was supported by her family. Her husband, David Beckham was sitting front row alongside their daughter, Harper, 12, two of their sons, Cruz, 19 and Brooklyn 24, as well as their daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz, 29.

You may have noticed that one Beckham child was missing in the front row. Indeed, Romeo, 21, was not present at his mother’s catwalk. The young footballer had recently broken up with his long-term girlfriend, model Mia Regan.

Despite Romeo not being present, according to Daily Mail, Victoria was ‘warmed’ that Nicola was there to cheer her on after rumours the two had been feuding.

A source revealed that Mia and Victoria were close. They explained that Mia was there for Victoria during the alleged falling out with Nicola. They added that even though Mia and Victoria are still friends, 'it isn't the same'.

As per Daily Mail, the source said:

Mia and Victoria have always been the two that have been close – in fact, Mia was at her side through the fallout with Nicola and was a constant support. While Romeo and Mia are still friends, for Victoria it isn't the same, so she is so relieved to have Nicola in her life properly now.

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