This couple made an unusual decision after using a surrogate mother to have a baby

In 2019, a rather surprising story about a couple who decided not to keep a baby after using surrogacy took netizens by surprise.

Stories, surrogacy, parents
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Stories, surrogacy, parents

In modern times, there are several ways in which you can have a family. You can go through adoption or even have a surrogate, like Kim Kardashian, who opted for surrogacy to expand her family.

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Unfortunately for many parents, conceiving a child can be a long and painful journey. This American couple was one of them. They tried for several years to have a baby and one day, they decided to use a surrogate mother to realize their dream.

While they thought they would finally become parents, they eventually refused to recognize the newborn as their own.

The difficulty of becoming parents

If some couples do not wish to have children, others, on the contrary, take this stage of life very seriously. However, having a baby requires a lot of patience and some are confronted with painful ordeals. This is the case of this couple who had a series of miscarriages. The French publication told the story of the couple who were never able to conceive a child.

After several years of despair, they finally decided to take on a surrogate and bonded with her.

The father confided:

The surrogate was a nice woman who took care of her body and with whom we got along very well

After nine months of waiting, the surrogate mother finally gave birth and the parents-to-be were able to discover their newborn. However, they were shocked to discover that the baby was not theirs.

They decide not to recognize the newborn

Upon discovering the baby's little face, the parents discovered that the baby had brown hair and brown eyes.

'I knew something was wrong,' he revealed on Reddit. The father explained that the child had Asian origins while he and his wife are 'white, blond and with blue eyes.'

The couple decided to do a DNA test and the result came in: The baby was not biologically the father's. His wife was indeed the baby's mom, but the 'father' decided not to keep him and discovered that the surrogate agency and sperm bank made a mistake at the time of in vitro fertilization.

The couple explained:

We don't care about the ethnicity, we're just upset that the baby isn't ours,

The surrogate mother, already a mum of 5 children, could not keep the newborn and he was finally placed for adoption. Internet users didn't understand the couple's decision.

One subscriber said:

The baby is biologically linked to your wife. If you use biology to justify that you are morally allowed to give up the baby, the woman would be immorally giving up her child, even you don't consider it yours,

The couple, however, has not changed their minds.

This article was translated from Ohmymag FR.

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