Vladimir Putin: The Russian President’s eldest daughter suffering because of the war

Maria Vorontsova cannot open her private clinic in St Petersburg as a direct result of her father’s decision to invade Ukraine and the international sanctions.

Maria Vorontsova is a 36-year-old endocrinologist and is Vladimir Putin’s eldest daughter from his marriage to Lyudmila Aleksandrovna. It would seem as though she will have to give up her dream due to her father’s actions.

Opening a private clinic

Maria Vorontsova was planning on opening a medical centre for rich patients from Europe and the Persian Gulf emirates, near St Petersburg. The reason she cannot fulfil the project that was so close to her heart is because of the international sanctions that have been placed on Russia since its invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Exiled investigative journalist Sergey Kanev said:

Vladimir Putin destroyed all the ambitions of his eldest daughter by starting the war in Ukraine,

Maria Vorontsova is an expert in the field of rare genetic diseases affecting children. Interviewed last year on the Rossiya 24 channel, she said:

Genetic tests can help diagnose at an early stage whether the parents are carriers of a healthy gene or not.
Genetic testing can help at the stage of preimplantation diagnosis with IVF, can help parents choose a healthy embryo.


This is relevant for parents who have already had a child with a rare disease, genetically inherited.

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She divorced her husband

Maria recently divorced her husband, Jorrit Faassen, a wealthy Dutch businessman. Faassen worked for a while at Gazprombank-Invest and Stroytransgaz, which are two oil and gas companies in Russia. It is unclear why the pair have split but it is believed they separated before the war broke out in Ukraine.

Now the Russian President’s eldest daughter must focus on other projects, maybe less lucrative and more ethical this time.

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Maria Vorontsova has been sanctioned

The US along with G7 and the EU has decided to impose sanctions on Vladimir Putin's adult daughters. This decision came after the atrocities in Bucha near Kyiv where over 3,000 bodies have been discovered, among them civilians.

The US believes that Putin's assets are being hidden by his family members, which is why they have decided to sanction his two adult daughters. The sanction means that Putin's close family members will be cut off from the US financial system and it will freeze their assets in the US.

In a statement, the White House said:

The United States, with the G7 and the European Union, will continue to impose severe and immediate economic costs on the Putin regime for its atrocities in Ukraine, including in Bucha.
Vladimir Putin: Here’s all we know about the Russian President’s daughters Vladimir Putin: Here’s all we know about the Russian President’s daughters