Here's why you always look better in the mirror than in photos

Have you ever wondered why you look fab in the mirror and awful in photos, even when they're taken just a few minutes apart? We finally found out why that is - and it does make sense!

1 - The mirror in Snow White:

When you're at home, and you just spent 1 hour and 30 minutes in your bathroom preparing for your evening; you look inthe mirror. What do you see there? A bombshell! On the contrary, when your boyfriend shows you the picture he took of you only 10 minutes before, and your right eye seems to be completely asymmetrical with your left, you're let down. Well, you'll now know that it's due to a psychological aspect. Indeed, most of the time, we only use the mirror when we're at home, relaxed. However, when a picture is taken, we're not always prepared!

2 - Choose your angle:

Unless your name is Audrey Hepburn or Andy Warhol, it'll be almost impossible for you to appear at the same angle in photos. On the contrary, your mirror doesn't move. Also, you have a habit of seeing yourself from a particular angle, which means that it could look like you have a grimace of disgust when you have your picture taken at another angle with a camera lens.

3 - Attention to light:

A camera is there to capture the moment, a movement, and intention. But it's important to understand the difference between a photo of you and your reflection in the mirror: in how the light is captured. The mirror plays the role of super-computers and generally displays your image by a reflection inside. The camera stores real colour nuances of the landscape and can show you in different ways, depending on the time and place where the photo of you was taken.

4 - Concentration, a key element:

As we know, when we take a picture, our first reflex is to look at the final result and criticize everything within the photo. Except that, again, it's because of mirrors. In general, we only look at our face and our reflection in a mirror, while the camera will provide us with a much more global picture of ourselves, allowing us to discover certain positions that we wouldn't normally make in front of a camera.

5 - Mirror, mirror on the wall:

In the mirror, we only see our reflection, and only as often as we choose. But, this isn't the case when it comes to cameras, which are mainly used by someone else to express the vision they have of us.

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