Zodiac: This is your love language based on your zodiac sign

Every zodiac sign has a different love language, and relationships flourish when you decode it. Let’s find out your love language.

The five primary love languages define how you accept love and how you perceive evidence of affection in the form of acts or words. Acts of service, physical touch, quality time, receiving presents, and words of affirmations are the five love languages. Knowing your love language can be beneficial in a relationship, as it allows you to communicate with your partner more effectively about how you perceive and receive love.

Capricorn—Acts of service

Capricorns aren't fools, especially when it comes to love. This zodiac enjoys seeing their spouse follow through on their promises. Giving Capricorn love entails making romantic actions to express your feelings.

Aquarius—Acts of service

Aquarians aren't usually sentimental or mushy, but they like it when their partner can express love through action rather than words. Going above and beyond the usual limitations of love with creative gestures will show them they're truly loved.

Pisces—Words of affirmation

This zodiac sign are daydreamers to the core, and they want it all in love. They prefer to be shown affection through words, the more romantic the better. Remind them of the thoughtful ways they influence you to show them love.

Aries—Physical touch

An Aries might put on a brave face, but when it comes to romance, they can melt at the touch of their spouse. They secretly yearn to snuggle up to their partner and experience their warmth.

Taurus—Receiving gifts

This zodiac sign enjoys the finer things in life. When it comes to the material world, these signs are notorious for their self-indulgent inclinations, and they're proud of it!

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Gemini—Words of affirmation

Long, in-depth conversations are one of Gemini's favourite pastimes. Listen to all of their anecdotes and shower them with compliments if you really want to show them love.

Cancer—Quality time

It's all about generating sentimental memories with this zodiac sign. That's why they appreciate it when their partner sets aside specific, uninterrupted time for them.

Leo—Receiving gifts

Leos are all about receiving shiny and beautiful things. You should shower Leos with gifts, and the shinier the better, if you want to show them how much you care.

Virgo—Words of affirmation

Virgos prefer their partners to express their love and support verbally. When a Virgo's beloved can cheer them on from the sidelines, it means a lot, especially after a long day at work.

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Libra—Quality time

Libras are romantic by nature, and they take love pretty seriously. When it comes to their love language, they like to spend quality time with their partner to feel valued.

Scorpio—Physical touch

Scorpios need closeness, even if it takes a long time to break past their hard exterior. They're all about the sensual and carnal aspects of love. When it comes to Scorpio love, a lot of physical contact is required.

Sagittarius—Quality time

Sagittarius enjoys learning and extending their horizons, and they want their partners to be equally curious. If you desire to romance a Sagittarius, be prepared to spend a lot of time with them exploring.

Astrology: How do you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign? Astrology: How do you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign?