Zodiac: These are the 5 laziest signs

Are you extremely lazy? Did you know it could be because of your zodiac sign? Find out here if you are amongst the laziest zodiac signs.

Knowing about your zodiac sign is becoming more and more popular in 2022. Even if you don’t necessarily believe in the real effects of zodiac signs, it is always fun to see if you fit into your supposed characteristics and mannerisms. If you are lazy, you could maybe blame it on your zodiac sign!

1/ Gemini

The thing about Geminis is that they are lazy but efficient. If they can find a way to do something without much effort, they will most definitely do it that way. However, if you want a Gemini to do something, you have to make sure they are fully interested in it otherwise they won’t want to do it. Geminis also have a tendency to procrastinate.

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2/ Cancer

Cancers aren’t inherently lazy, they just do things extremely slowly. As they like to do things in their own time, Cancers can easily feel overwhelmed with a certain imposed work pace. Cancers also prefer to stay at home, so if they want to see someone, they’ll often invite them over, which could be seen as lazy.

3/ Pisces

Pisces are known as the most spiritual sign. They can easily be distracted from the main task they are trying to complete. Pisces tend to be impulsive, so if suddenly something else pops up in their mind, they’ll immediately want to do that instead of what they were doing to begin with.

4/ Leo

Leos are the royalty of laziness. High on their pedestal, Leos consider tasks beneath them, therefore they don’t want to do it. Laziness is actually classed as the official weakness of Leos. Even though Leos are creative, they don’t have the patience to develop their creativeness.

5/ Taurus

Taurus tend to aim for the bare minimum. They are practical and earthy, but also stubborn and slow. With all these characteristics combined, trying to get a Taurus to complete a simple task is nearly impossible, might as well save your breath and do it yourself. Their ideal evening is to sit back and relax after a day of hardly working.

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