This Is How Each Star Sign Acts When They're Jealous

Thanks to your astrological sign, you can determine how you behave when you're jealous. Allow us to explain...


Aggressive. It's best not to approach your other half, a jealous fit of rage is guaranteed!


Angry. You are not the type to share! You will first sulk in your corner, but beware of the yelling that comes after!


Direct. Killer comments and glances, you know how to make yourself understood!


Needy. You sulk for no reason, but stop panicking, he/she knows that you need love!


The most jealous. There's no way you're giving up your number one spot in his/her heart!


Secretly jealous. You hide your jealousy because you're ashamed of it. But for your own pride, let it be known when your man/woman is pushing limits!


Reasonable. You value freedom too much to take it away from your other half. You only show your jealousy a little bit.


Super-jealous. You see evil everywhere, you are on the lookout and the slightest slip makes you defensive!


Cautious. You are not paranoid, but you care about how you and your partner are seen!


Irredeemable. You need to be reassured, the smallest slip will upset you, you do not forgive!


Not at all jealous. You both need to breathe sometimes!


Not jealous. You have blind faith in your partner but stay on the lookout.

Check out the video above for more on how the signs deal with jealousy!

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