These zodiac signs are the best matches for Leo

Well, after all, matches are made in heaven! Astrology helps you find out the best matches for the zodiac sign Leo.

Finding the perfect person for oneself can be a task, however, what is astrology if it doesn’t make your life easy? Leos are the Kings and Queens of the zodiac signs and what’s a King without a Queen or vice-versa? Famous Leos like Barack Obama has Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle has Prince Harry. So, who would serve as the perfect match for you, lovely Leo? Bustle analyses three zodiac signs who make the most compatible matches for Leos, they are:

Aries and Leo SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK (2012), The Weinstein Company


The dynamic duo! Aries and Leo together are just like a dream team. This perfect match can energetically keep up with each other. Aries would be down to try every wild idea that its fiery partner Leo would have. While Leo would make sure they are on the same wavelength and have a go-getter approach to romance. The two of them together can get their relationship off the ground quickly and easily!

Gemini and Leo BLUE VELVET (1986), De Laurentiis Entertainment Group


The playful duo! Gemini and Leo together are like a house of fire. Gemini thrives on variety, while Leo thrives on creativity and pleasure. If both of them are put together in a relationship, it will be a fun, exciting and lively one. With a Gemini, Leo can easily be in the spotlight as they would never fight for a position in the limelight but would rather support Leo. Whereas a Leo can keep a Gemini (who gets easily bored) entertained and interested for the long-term.

Libra and Leo THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING (2014), Working Title Films


The adorable duo! Libra and Leo together are as passionate as it can get. Both of them compliment each other’s energy thoroughly well and share a relationship of pure admiration and appreciation. The two would probably have a shared social life and will be a star of it – whether they like it or not. A Libra can play both a leading and a supporting role for their attention-loving Leo, while Leo would keep the relationship an equal give and take for a balance-loving Libra.

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