These Are The Neediest Astrological Signs When It Comes To Love

Some people are very dependent from an emotional point of view, they always need to be close to each other, to do everything together and can't stand to be separated for more than 5 minutes!

It's cute but it can quickly become very suffocating for the partner. Due to their personality, some astrological signs are more emotionally dependent than others, such as Pisces and Cancer, 2 hypersensitive signs...

But beware! Emotional dependence can sometimes weigh heavily on a relationship, and can even cause break-ups. Here are some details on two signs for whom love should not have any separation!

1. Cancer

Cancer is a very possessive person, who constantly needs tenderness and gentleness in their emotional relationships because they need too much reassurance.

This is a sign that is very often emotionally dependent, they need their significant other too much in everyday life.

2. Pisces

This sign's idea of the perfect relationship is to merge completely with their significant other, if this were possible!

For them it's simple, everything must be done in pairs! Their feelings are powerful and they sometimes let their love blind them.

To see the other astrological signs that are addicted in love, check out the video above!

Astrology: How do you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign? Astrology: How do you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign?