There's A Perfect Handbag For Each Star Sign. Discover Yours!

Want a new handbag but don't know which one to choose? Don't panic, we'll tell you which handbag is made for you according to your star sign.

There's A Perfect Handbag For Each Star Sign. Discover Yours!
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1. Aries: A flaming red bag to highlight your dynamism.

2. Taurus: What matters most to you is the convenience of your bag. Opt for a spacious and elegant shoulder bag.

3. Gemini: A small handbag that is easy to carry all day long.

4. Cancer: A bag with neutral tones. Favor beige or taupe...

5. Leo: Go with a touch of light. Choose a gold-coloured tote bag.

6. Virgo: You like to have plenty of compartments in your bag to properly store all your belongings.

7. Libra: You always have flawless style, so opt for a timeless solid colour in a luxury brand.

8. Scorpio: Your style is definitely inimitable with a beautiful black leather bag. No risk of making a fashion faux-pas.

9. Sagittarius: You like to have the freedom to carry your bag on your arm or shoulder thanks to a small integrated shoulder strap.

10. Capricorn: Your bag adapts to all environments. You are not extravagant, so a simple bag with strong handles will work perfectly!

11. Aquarius: The visionary sign that you are will be happy with an original bag.

12. Pisces: Choose a turquoise pouch, maybe with sequins for a fancy touch.

Check out the video above for the perfect handbag inspo for your sign!