This position will give you the best night's sleep, according to NASA

To help astronauts get to sleep, NASA has developed a position that could allow us all to have a better night's sleep.

This position will give you the best night's sleep, according to NASA
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This position will give you the best night's sleep, according to NASA

When it comes to sleep, there are two categories: those who can fall asleep in any position, no matter how noisy it is... And those who need absolute silence, total darkness and who are often affected by insomnia. For the latter, getting to sleep can be a real struggle.

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Fortunately for insomniacs (and astronauts) solutions exist, and one of them comes from an unexpected entity: NASA. Indeed, NASA has come up with the best sleeping position to fall asleep quickly and get as much rest as possible. Although it was first developed for astronauts only, it can benefit us all. Here is how you too can sleep like an astronaut!

The 'zero gravity' position

If sleeping on Earth can sometimes be complicated, sleeping in space is a real challenge. Remember that in space, astronauts are not subject to the effects of gravity. When they sleep, they are strapped down to avoid any risks of injury.

But that's not all: to allow astronauts to really rest, NASA has developed the ideal position, which several chair and bed manufacturers have been inspired by. The name of this position? The 'zero gravity' position. This is the position that the body would naturally take when it is no longer subjected to gravity. According to Lafuma Mobilier, in this position :

The legs are raised, the thighs and the torso thus form an angle of 127°, the perfect inclination for relaxation. The lumbar spine is in a neutral posture, the back is relieved and the blood circulates better.

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The benefits of the 'zero gravity' position

This position is said to be beneficial to your health for many reasons. According to Opera Beds, it is ideal for resting, as it reduces the pressure on the body to the minimum. In addition:

The zero-gravity position lifts the head section gently to put you in the optimum position that opens the airways and therefore helps to prevent vibration on the throat tissues, which can reduce snoring.

Less snoring, therefore, but also better blood circulation and reduced risk of gastric reflux. So if you have sleeping problems, why not try to fall asleep like an astronaut?

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