This is what can happen if you wear your headphones for too long

Have you ever wondered whether headphones could change the shape of your skull if you wear them for too long? Well, this gamer has the answer.

This man shows what can happen if you wear your headphones for too long
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This man shows what can happen if you wear your headphones for too long

In the world of streaming, there's always a new surprising story waiting around the corner. Recently, a clip featuring streamer Curtoss went viral, racking up 30 million views in less than 24 hours. While shaving his head live in front of a hundred viewers, the streamer discovered an unusual deformation of his skull.

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Dude I have like an indent right here. This is where my headphones go.
What the f*** ? I thought it was just hair! I thought my hair did that

He then started to panic as he realized he actually had a dent in his skull. Curtoss then pointed to his headphones as the probable cause of the indent. But can the use of headphones cause structural deformation of the skull?

Can headphones change the shape of your skull?

Tyler1, Mizskif, and now Curtoss... many popular streamers have already noticed deformations of their skulls after long gaming sessions. According to several experts, it's unlikely that a simple headset can cause permanent skull deformation. The magic word here, is 'permanent'.

Marks or folds on the scalp can be attributed to the pressure exerted by the headphone's headband. Fortunately, this temporary deformation of the skull caused by wearing a headset is generally harmless and does not lead to permanent damage. Once you remove the headphones and the pressure is released, the skull tissues will gradually return to their original shape. As if nothing had happened!

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, it takes no less than 135 kg to cause even a minor skull fracture. In other words, you'd really have to go to great lengths to alter the structure of this protective box! But while headphones can't change the shape of the skull permanently, they can cause other damage.

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Headphones can cause other damages

In addition to possible temporary dents in your skull, prolonged use of headphones poses other risks to your health, and especially to your hearing. According to ABC News, experts recommend not wearing headphones for more than 90 minutes a day, at a maximum volume of 80%. Exceeding these limits exposes your ears to excessive sound levels, which can damage the thin hair cells in the inner ear, which are responsible for sound perception.

Prolonged use of headphones can also lead to hair loss. The constant rubbing of headphones against the scalp can lead to irritation, brittleness and hair breakage.

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