Dave Bautista suffers from a mysterious condition: What is Cutis Verticis Gyrata?

What is Cutis Verticis Gyrata, the disease from which actor and wrestler Dave Bautista suffers?

Dave Bautista suffers from a mysterious condition
© Dave Bautista / Getty Images
Dave Bautista suffers from a mysterious condition

Wrestler turned actor, Dave Bautista suffers from Cutis Verticis Gyrata. But what is this unknown disease?

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There are those who know the wrestler. There are those who know the actor. And there are those who know both. Indeed, Dave Bautista has an extensive resume, with first of all a career in sports and wrestling, from 2000 to 2019, with a huge record of achievements and a character that has become legendary. Dave Bautista was twice a WWE champion and he even entered the Hall of Fame of that sport in 2020.

Dave Bautista's head was the real star of the 'Glass Onion' Netflix film Dave Bautista / Getty Images

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Cutis Verticis Gyrata: A rare disease

But once his body started breaking down, Dave Baustista, now 54 years old, had to change his way of life. And it is towards cinema that his extraordinary physique led him. He is currently a very well-known and legitimate actor. He starred in the Netflix success Glass Onion (in which his head condition stole the show) but also in two of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy films and two Avengers films.

What is less known about him is that he suffers from a little known disease called Cutis Verticis Gyrata. What is it? It is a rare skin condition. The National Library of Medicine helps us to know more: 'CVG, of the scalp, is a rare and progressive disease of the skin of the scalp. It is characterized by hypertrophy and hyperlaxity of the skin forming folds similar to the gyri of the cerebral cortex'.

To put it simply, it is a deformation of the skin of the skull, on which folds are formed.

Who said anything about insecurity?

Had you noticed it before we told you about it? The actor and wrestler, however, does not seem insecure about his disease. He does not hesitate to show his scalp on social networks and in his movies. Even if, sometimes, he puts on a little hat!

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