These Are All The Adult References You Missed In Disney Films Growing Up...

Disney movies are known for sending powerful messages to children about things like death, which was very well illustrated by the loss of Mufasa - Simba's father in the Lion King - and the death of Bambi's mother. But there were also a lot of hidden messages we've only noticed since rewatching the films as grown ups...

These Are All The Adult References You Missed In Disney Films Growing Up...
These Are All The Adult References You Missed In Disney Films Growing Up...

As a child, you wouldn't notice Disney's subliminal messages. As we grow up, our innocent vision of things dissipates and gives way to maturity. Suddenly, we're able to understand all the sexual innuendo and jokes we didn't get when we were younger.

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Disney is no exception and their movies are full of sexual references that we'll be explaining in this article - no need to thank us, it's our pleasure! You can find the excerpts in the video above.

Toy Story 2

When Buzz lightning first meets Jessie, the pretty red-haired cowgirl, he immediately deploys his wings, as if to show that he's aroused. A subtle representation of the astronaut's erection, caused by the young woman's beauty!


When Jafar seized the genie's powers, he did not hesitate for a single second to turn Jasmine into a sex slave. She was shackled in sexy outfit and forced to do whatever the wizard told her. Sexual harassment and consent are brought to light in this part of the movie, showing children what not to do to win a woman's heart!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Roger Rabbit contains many sexual overtones, especially because of Jessica, who represents femininity and sensuality. The show she performs in front of many men, who are all stunned by her beauty and her very prominent curves, is reminiscent of a striptease.

The second scene that implies sex can be found at the end. When Roger and his sweet Jessica are locked up and on the verge of death, she makes declares her love for him one last time, explaining that she loved him like no other woman has ever loved her rabbit. The "rabbit" is a direct reference to rabbit vibrators.


Cinderella's little mice are not so innocent, and the way they got the pearls from the necklace they broke is proof! To get everything back, Jack Jack slid the pearls on Gus's tail - in a direct reference to Geisha balls, a sex toy that is slipped into the vagina.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Judge Frollo fantasizes about the gypsy, Esmeralda, and laments this sin in a fire. In the flames, he imagines the young woman completely naked, wriggling in the fire, while he tries to seize her. He believes the only solution is to kill Esmeralda or get complete ownership of her. Another good lesson on consent and harassment, thanks, Disney!


Mushu, the little dragon, is known for his legendary punchlines. His first encounter with Mulan can't be overlooked. He proudly exposes his powers to the girl, including his laser vision, which allows him to see through her armor, in other words, to see her naked! Mulan immediately slaps the inappropriate thoughts out of Mushu.


Disney is very good at representing erections in a subtle and innocent way. Once again, they subtly illustrate arousal through Flower, a skunk. Flower has a crush, and when she kisses him, he turns red and stiff, similarly to a man who is aroused and has an erection.


When Anna talks about the love of her life, Hans, to Kristoff, he asks him about her prince charming's taste. When he asks her how big his feet are, she explains that to her, size doesn't matter. This line alludes to men's penis size.

None of this sexual innuendo takes away from the magic of Disney, but you have to admit it's quite funny when you look a little closer! Check out the video above to see these shocking moments again for yourself!

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