Are you rushing all the time? You may have this condition

The name might sound unfamiliar but all of us have suffered from hurry sickness at least one or even multiple times in our lives. This is what it means.

Are you rushing all the time? You may have this condition
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Are you rushing all the time? You may have this condition

Have you ever stressed before leaving for a flight? The panicked thoughts of missing the flight are what make many people leave their homes many hours earlier than needed. In addition to this, they might think of squeezing other tasks in the limited amount of time they have. These are common symptoms of hurry sickness.

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What is hurry sickness?

Although not an official medical condition, hurry sickness is very much real and is experienced by many on a daily basis. It refers to a condition where a person experiences the need to squeeze in many tasks in a limited amount of time. According to Healthline, they would also try to hurry through their current task in order to commence the next one as soon as possible.

Let us explain in a simple example: do you think you can cook breakfast, go to work, exercise, do laundry, run errands, meet up with friends, and spend time with family all in one day? Highly unlikely. Even if you have excessive energy, it still drains the body to perform high-stimulation tasks without any break.

Handle hurry sickness this way

The stress and exertion of stimulating your body all day long can take a toll, physically and mentally. As per Mindtool, being constantly busy can cause a person to completely burn out and leave them exhausted. You should slow down the pace of your actions and spend some time to yourself.

Be more selective of the tasks you take on and ‘prioritise your workload’, as per Mindtool. Avoid multitasking, as it causes energy burnout faster. As the saying goes, ‘healthy mind healthy life’: a person’s mental health should be their top priority. If you feel the pressure and stress of your workload, you should seek help from your colleagues or peers. An ideal work environment plays an important role in keeping a person motivated and stress-free as well.

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