This doctor shares unexpected medical hacks they learnt on the job

You would be shocked to learn these quirky and easy solutions to common health problems.

medical hacks by doctor on TikTok
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medical hacks by doctor on TikTok

The Internet has regaled, and at times shocked us with viral trends. Some of the weird ones this year include people storing toilet paper in the refrigerator.

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Viral videos can very quickly veer into dangerous territories too, as we saw with the dangerous avocado storage hack and the One Chip Challenge.

But sometimes, TikTok can also be a great place to come across educational content right from the experts. One such trend to swoop the Internet right now is medical professionals sharing the life-hacks they learnt after starting their jobs.

Life hacks from medical professionals

In a series of videos, doctor and TikTok creator @onceuponadoctor, has included these easy solutions to combat common health problems:

  • Use duct tape for warts
  • Chew gum for heartburn
  • Cut the edges off bandages before placing
  • Take peppermint oil for stomach cramps
  • You can use vaseline instead of triple ointment for cuts
Kiwis are an easy solution if you are feeling constipated PhotoMIX Company
  • Drinking caffein can give relief from headaches due to migraines
  • And apparently, if you are suffering from constipation, eat kiwis
  • Also, you should be applying deodorant at night. As for the reason for deodorant at night, the doctor explains in the comment section,
When you sleep, Your body temp is lower, your sweat glands are less active and can absorb the active ingredients better and effectively block them !

Reactions to the videos

Of course, people have been very interested in what the doctor has to say. While most of the hacks are well received, people cannot believe in the efficacy of some of them.

One viewer applauds the doctor saying,

I'm a seasoned nurse always researching more natural ways to improve health! love your content!

Another exclaims,

need more life hacks

Regarding, taking caffeine as a solution for migraine, this is what people said,

i thought caffeine worsens migraine?? someone pls confirm me

Another agreed,

caffeine makes my migraines SO much worse. It is a trigger for me though, along with bright lights and stress

But the research definitely checks out. According to the American Migraine Foundation, coffee can relieve migraine but the answer is not that simple.

While people who have frequent headaches should avoid caffeine, some studies have shown that caffeine can indeed provide some headache relief. So definitely depends on the specifics of each case!

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If you are taking thyroid medication, coffee could have this unexpected effect on your health If you are taking thyroid medication, coffee could have this unexpected effect on your health