‘She betrayed me’: Curtis reveals Maura cheating suspicions

Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor have recently been lapping up the congratulations from their followers after they announced they had been dating, despite saying repeatedly that they were just friends. Now, ex-boyfriend, Curtis has weighed in.

Looks likeLove Island drama has continued outside the villa for Maura and Curtis after Maura revealed she has ‘coupled up’ with Chris Taylor despite them both convincing the world they were ‘just friends’.

Now, as Curtis Pritchard revealed, it really is always ‘the one they tell you not to worry about’ as the reality tv star and ballroom dancer confided that he feels betrayed by Maura’s new relationship.

Curtis spoke out about his relationship with theLove Island star after the couple finished the show together, only to split up seven months later. Now, Maura is dating fellow co-star Chris who was not only friends with Curtis, but also convinced him that he and Maura were nothing but good mates.

The 24-year-old reacted to Maura and Chris’ recent loved up snaps online, hinting that he believes Maura may have been cheating:

I feel betrayed by them both — two people I was very close to. When I saw the pictures, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel hurt. I was upset. How long has this truly been going on for?

He continued:

At the time I was accused of cheating, but I never did. I was always faithful to Maura. If you look back on everything — and I am looking back on it now — I’m like, ‘Curtis, all the signs were bloomin’ there, why didn’t you realise then?
You just don’t when you are in that situation. You trust what they say. Now her true colours are shown. They said they would never ever be together, and here they are.

Curtis, whose older brother AJ is currently starring on I’m a Celebrity, also commented that he felt betrayed by Chris too as Curtis had shown him support in the villa:

When we were on Love Island, Chris was upset in the villa a lot. I supported him and backed him up. I was a really good person to Chris — and he told me then that he fancied Maura. But later on it all disappeared. He unfollowed me online, then Maura unfollowed me too.
I was accused of cheating on Maura by someone online but when that happened, Maura was in a club with Chris. He was pouring drinks into her mouth, and Maura’s pouring drinks into Chris’s mouth — and they were staying together too at times like that.
I got all of the stick at the time, that’s why I never spoke about it. But really I should have confronted her and spoken about it, but I never did – until now.

Pritchard, who is soon set to star on Celeb’s Go Dating revealed that cracks in his and Maura’s relationship started to show last Christmas while he was appearing on Pantomime and she was rehearsing forDancing on Ice.

Curtis revealed that while Maura was rumoured to be getting close to dance partner Alexander Demetriouat the time, Chris was just waiting in the wings. He continued:

I really regret that. Looking back on the whole situation, I think it started around pantomime time. She came and watched me once (in panto) and I just didn’t feel right. She could have come other times. I was giving total support to her, but I wasn’t getting it in return.
That’s when she started the Dancing On Ice rehearsals. When the show started on TV I wanted to come and watch her. I’d be waiting at home cooking dinner for when she finished, trying to look after her. I treated her like a queen. I’d have done anything for her but after the first couple of shows she just asked me to stop coming. That hurt me. I just didn’t understand why she didn’t want me to come.

Curtis states that he never understood why he wasn’t allowed to come to Maura’s rehearsals as many of her other Love Island friends would regularly come and show their support...Including Chris.

The strange thing was loads of other people were still coming. Chris was going all the time. I’d keep asking but she’d always say no. It will be even more heartbreaking if I find that all the time she was accusing me of things, it was so she’d feel better about what she was doing.

Pritchard also hit back at the hateful comments he received after his and Maura’s breakup claiming that a lot of what the Irish bombshell said was ‘lies’:

There were times when they’ve read things she has said that I said to her, and I never even said them. For example, she says I told her she only got jobs because of me. But that isn’t true. I had never said those things to Maura. All these things play on my mind. I remember them all so clearly because there was no truth to it whatsoever.
That’s why I didn’t want to comment on it all. I don’t want to respond to nonsense or to be stirring and trying to cause something bigger. I stayed silent for too long. Now that has all been thrown back in my face, and that’s putting it mildly. It has all become clear to me.

Curtis ended by stating that the humiliation brought on by Maura and Chris’ relationship would be easier to bear if Chris really turned out to be ‘the one’:

If I bump into them, I’ll just say congratulations and I hope it really does turn out to be ‘the one’. If it came from the sort of beginnings which I think it did, I hope it lasts. Otherwise, it’s a real shame to have caused so much hurt.
But we’re very lucky to have the incredible life we can live and it’s easy to take it all for granted. I’m doing Celebs Go Dating at the moment, and I hope I’ll meet someone new and put all this behind me. And some people need to really look at their own morals.
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