Paige And Finn Reveal What They’ve Spent Their £50K Prize Money On…

Winter Love Island winners Paige Turley and Finnley Tapp have finally revealed how they’ve been splashing the cash since their Love Island win in February. Unfortunately, the coronavirus lockdown means that they haven’t been able to do everything they’d wanted to…

It seems like a lifetime ago that Paige Turley and Finnley Tapp were crowned this year’s Winter Love Island winners. Unsurprisingly, after choosing the winning envelope, a totally loved-up Paige chose to split the £50,000 prize money with her boyfriend Finn – meaning that the couple received a healthy 25 grand each.

However, since leaving the villa and returning to the UK, Paige and Finn’s lives – along with pretty much everyone else in the world – have been turned upside down. Far from the usual post-Love Island schedule of clubnight PAs and countless interviews, Paige and Finn have been in lockdown in Scotland for the past two months.

And it’s also meant they’ve not had much of a chance to splash the cash. Finn told Metro this week:

Well, we haven’t had the chance to really spend any of it. Just cooking bits, food… That’s about it, really. We haven’t had a chance to do much with it. We’ve got an Xbox that’s keeping us entertained. A camera for some photos but that’s as exciting as it gets.

Although he admitted he’d been tempted by online shopping, Finn said it’s hard to justify it at the moment:

I certainly do want to buy a few bits. That’s the thing, as well… You’re looking at some clothes online and you’re thinking, “That looks really nice”. But you think, I can’t spend my money on that, where would I wear it? Just in the back garden?

Still – the lack of spending now hopefully means that Paige and Finn will be able to save up a nice tidy sum for that upcoming wedding that they keep teasing us with. And it sounds like they’ll need plenty of savings, since Paige is after two dresses and a destination wedding in the Maldives!

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