Love Island 2022: This singleton has revealed they have a foot fetish

Curious to know how to steel this contestant's heart? Well, you better have very nice feet!

Liam Llewellyn has revealed what his ideal girlfriend would look like... And apparently having nice feat is non-negotiable.

A contestant with a foot fetish

The 22-year-old recent graduate with a Master's Degree, shared during an interview with The Sun that the girl of his dreams must absolutely have nice feet–it would otherwise be a dealbreaker. He also revealed that Zara McDermott embodies the type of girl he would normally go for. He explained:

Petite brunette, with nice eyes. Zara always wowed me when she was on the screen. I can appreciate a good foot. I think foot can make or break someone. I like a nice foot and that’s no secret.

What else do we know about Liam?

The gym lover also talked about how he feels very fortunate to have a strong support system back home who is rooting for him, despite his mother having some apprehensions. He said:

I am so lucky to have the support network I have around me. They are excited, they both watch the show. They are buzzing to see me on there. My mum will probably have the pillows over her eyes, they know what the show is all about so she’s fully prepped.

When asked what his biggest fear is in joining the cast of Love Island 2022, Llewellyn explained:

I am most nervous about not being wanted, not being picked for a couple. Everyone wants to be wanted. The feeling of not getting picked is definitely a nerve racking thought for me.

Despite his fear of rejection, he expressed feeling hopeful and knowing that going on the show will allow him to meet people along the way. He said:

I think Love Island is a great opportunity to meet someone, you’re in with a load of different types, so you can get to grips with what you really like about people.

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