Chuggs reveals Islanders were told to ‘be quiet’ during Love Island date

Dumped 2021 Love Islander Chuggs Wallis has been spilling some Love Island filming secrets after being dumped from the villa.

While Love Island is probably the nation’s favourite reality show right now, we all know that what we see on screen may not always be a totally faithful portrayal of reality. Just how much of Love Island is orchestrated by producers? Is there any truth to accusations of the show being scripted? Dumped Islander Chuggs has been spilling the tea...

How real is Love Island?

In an interview with OK!, Chuggs insisted that the conversations we see happening between Islanders are ‘natural’ and that they are not told what to say by producers. However, he admitted that the production team do suggest locations Islanders might pull each other for a chat.

He continued:
They might make you redo something or stand somewhere for a camera angle. Or they might just say, when you’re on a date for example - when I was on a date, they were like to Liam and Faye when I was talking, ‘Can you guys be quiet so we can hear them and then you guys can talk after.

Another Islander who didn’t last long in the villa - Georgia Townend - has echoed Chuggs’ words that Love Island is real. She confirmed in an Instagram Q&A recently:

No the show is not scripted. Everything an islander says is in their own words. We're not performers or actors and actresses so we wouldn't be able to deliver lines, that's not our profession.

Chuggs moving on

Despite the fact he only lasted 48 hours in the villa, it looks like Chuggs might have found a romance with a fellow Islander outside the villa. He was pictured looking cosy with Sharon Gaffka while on a night out in Chelsea this week and they’ve been very flirty with each other on social media.

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