If You're Heading Off On Holiday This Month, These Simple Tips Could Save You A Lot Of Money

Going on holiday can sometimes turn out to be very expensive, especially if you’re travelling by car. Petrol money and the occasional toll road quickly add up to a nasty bill. But some tips can help you save those precious pounds.

During August, many Brits will take to the roads to go on holiday or to return home. In both cases, the journey can prove very costly. However, it is possible to save a few pounds with some simple tricks.

The first major expense during a long car journey is petrol. But you can avoid using too much of it by making a few checks before departure, namely by checking tyre pressure and air filters. Avoiding the use of too much air conditioning also allows you to reduce fuel usage, although this is easier said than done during the heat-wave period.

Traffic jams: a source of petrol consumption

Traffic jams can leave you short on fuel as well as on patience, but certain apps like Waze and Vtraffic propose routes which are less busy, allowing you to resort to the petrol pump less.

When the tank is empty and you need to fill up, be careful which station you choose. If you find yourself in neighbouring France, some stations give much higher prices than others. You can check what they are on www.prix-carburants.gouv.fr. If you’re near a border (especially the Spanish or German border) don’t hesitate to cross before you fill up.

You could also find yourself spending money on toll roads, especially in Europe. The solution is to avoid motorways and instead use trunk roads, such as the French routes nationales. Of course, the journey might turn out longer, but the savings you make will be worthwhile!

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