How to serenely switch to summer time this weekend

The time to move your clocks comes this weekend! So here are some tips to switch to summer time without getting completely disoriented.

The change to summer time will take place on Sunday, 28 March, 2021 at 2 am. At this point, 60 minutes will have to be added to the standard time. It will then be 3 am. But to face this change of time, which involves having one less hour of sleep, it is necessary to follow some advice!

Adapt your schedules

While the time change means we'll get longer and sunnier days, it doesn't mean you have to go to bed later. Starting Saturday evening, the day before the time change, you should go to bed at a decent time, so as not to completely screw up your sleep patterns once Monday morning comes around the corner. With the same amount of sleep that you usually get, you will accumulate less fatigue.

Avoid screens

On the days following the switch to summer time, avoid spending too much time in front of the screens as you get closer to bedtime. Light emissions from tablets, computers or phones tends to delay the onset of slumber, because they disrupt the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

So take time to read (on natural paper, no backlit e-readers) or have a good time with your family, basking together in the sunlight of dusk, which is an excellent life synchronizer allowing you to fall asleep better at night. Redder, warmer light is an excellent signal for your circadian rhythms.

Dine lightly

To avoid further disrupting your sleep, focus on light meals in the evening. This will make your digestion even easier and once bedtime arrives it will no keep you awake or affect the quality of your sleep.

Give yourself some time to rest, and eliminate stress

If, in the end, you still feel tired in the days and weeks following the time change, give yourself more some more resting time. Go to bed earlier on weekdays and indulge in some restorative naps during your weekly rest.

Following the switch, sleep experts estimate that it takes about twenty days to fully adapt your sleep-wake rhythm. Even though the change can disrupt your biological clock, know that the human body is a marvel of biological engineering. It is quite capable of absorbing this change in living habits after a little while. So put some perspective into it, take it in stride, make time for yourself by reserving moments of relaxation, regular sports sessions, and why not a few moments of yoga or meditation.

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I woke up with the biggest chest pressure, like my sternum sometimes hurts but it usually goes away super fast. This morning it lasted until noon, and I couldn’t stand straight and breath well, and I can actually still feel that something is pressed was so intense I couldn’t do most of the @tihhy_ postures during this morning class. What helped was to breath and to slow every fucking thing down. Staring with the mind. Because this pain is for sure (!) a form of stress, of anxiety. I think leaving for a full month next Tuesday is starting to be a little scary because I never leaved for that long in....5 years ! Last time I did this was before dynamo and before TIHHY and mostly before Antoine, so we have never been apart for that long, ever ! This 300 hours was a big choice to make because leaving for a month was not easy decision, for me....I am not scared about missing things, i am scared about missing people. I do not lie when I say I miss seeing my students/riders/yogis, whatever you want to call it, but I do not like “clients”, ew no... I know, this training will be intense physically but mostly mentally, and I am looking for that. Teaching for 4 years taught me a million things, A MILLION THINGS, but it was very clear to me that this training has to happen. I can’t wait to do it and come back from it. So of course I am scared AF, but y’all know after me screaming this at you every day (😅): being scared if the best sign we are doing the right thing. Now, I’ll take deep breath and make that sternum chill out a bit.

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