How to Disinfect a Cloth Mask Without a Washing Machine

Have you been wearing a cloth mask on a day-to-day basis to protect yourself from the coronavirus? It's a great idea, but you've got to remember to take proper care of it and clean it regularly. Here are some tips on how to disinfect it effectively if you don't have a washing machine.

The end of quarantine seems to be slowly approaching, so it's important to make sure you're properly equipped every time you leave the house.

If you have chosen to wear a cloth mask, but do not have a washing machine to disinfect it and remove all traces of the virus, there is a trick in order to clean it thoroughly by hand.

How to disinfect a cloth mask without a washing machine?

According to news channel BFMTV, there already exists a technique used in hospitals to disinfect cloth masks without a washing machine. Infectiologist Benjamin Davido revealed that all you have to do is iron each side of the mask. The extreme heat will then kill the virus. This technique is already commonly used in hospitals for gowns.

In addition, he also said that we should avoid washing cloth masks with detergents that are too scented. The reason? The solvents in some detergents can irritate our bronchial tubes. He also warns that at the slightest sign of wear and tear, you should immediately throw away your mask and use a new one.

How to wash a mask with a washing machine?

For those who do have a washing machine, the recommended method is putting your mask in a wash for at least 30 minutes at 60°C in order to properly disinfect your mask. Afterwards, it should either be dried in the tumble dryer or hung out to dry.

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