Here are 5 ways to pleasure yourself that are hands-free!

Masturbation isn't just about the fingers, and here are 5 ways that prove it.

If you want something done right, do it yourself, as the saying goes. But when it comes to female masturbation, this is debatable. While fingers are simple, effective, and practical tools that will ensure that you will not be disappointed, they are not yet able to vibrate as sex toys and vibrators do!

So, for those of you who wish to innovate when it comes to your solo pleasure sessions, this article is for you!

A shower head

One of the great classics of female masturbation. A jet of water is very effective when aimed at the vulva and clitoris. Standing up or lying down, it's up to you to find the ideal position. But be careful so as not to get any water into the vagina while masturbating. This is a counter-productive technique since it eliminates vaginal secretions which are NECESSARY for the protection of the genitals.

A chair and a vibrator

Place the vibrator of your choice on a chair, turn it on, and position yourself comfortably on the chair so that the vibrations bring you to climax.

Thigh tightening

This is often, sometimes by chance, how women first experience the power of the clitoris, and how they are first able to pleasure themselves on their own. All you have to do is squeeze your thighs, whether you're on a bed or a chair.

A pillow

No, it's not just meant for sleeping, quite on the contrary! You will see your pillow in a different way when placed between your legs, whether you are lying down or on your stomach. To make this work, you will have to get physical, and not hesitate to move your hips, gyrate, and make sure the clitoris is rubbing against the pillow.

The edge of a chair

This method can be done almost anywhere...

Sit on the edge of a chair, legs together. Then, make back and forth movements with your thighs, buttocks and pelvis. Your thighs will rub against the vaginal lips, which with this motion will themselves stimulate the clitoral area.

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