Woman, 82, reveals secrets to 'great' sex with husband, 45

Iris, 82, spills bedroom secrets with husband, 36.

I teased Phil and Holly by saying we did it doggy style and the position we manage is a bit like that but not really—it’s flatter.

82-year-old Iris Jones from the UK, opened up about her sex life in conversation with talk show hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Iris, 82 has been married to Mohamed Ibriham, 36, who is an engineer from Egypt for a year now. Iris cannot get enough of Mohamed and spills her secrets to a successful time in bed.

Age is just a number

Iris had left viewers speechless when she led everyone into her bedroom secrets:

I love shocking people. Why not? It gives them a laugh. I’m a prude really—although I did use the KY Jelly. It spices up people’s otherwise boring lives to hear about what I am up to in the bedroom.

Due to Jones' medicine intake, her skin has become very thin. The happy couple did not let this slow down their sex life—on the contrary, they often switch and try various sex positionsto not put too much strain on the 82-year-old.

This technique has led them to find their tempo and have great sex.

A blushing Jones said:

I was a bit shy about him seeing my body. He’s so young and muscular whereas I’m an old hag. But he thinks I’m really gorgeous. I always feel ugly but he says I’m beautiful. We didn’t just have sex, we’d lie in each other’s arms too.

Jones expressed one is as old as they feel, and that she wasn’t sexually satisfied in her first marriage. She had been divorced for 27 years and wasn’t looking for love, till Mohamed arrived.

Mohamed is my pharaoh. He is pure Egyptian. He’s very, very sexy. He’s a wonderful man.

The retired care worker, Iris, believes her life changed forever when her son, helped her open an account on Facebook. That is where she got chatty with Mohamed and realised she 'was falling in love with him.'

Iris and Mohamed got married in Egypt in October 2020. She said:

The wedding was very simple, in an office building. Afterwards we celebrated with Coca-Cola and KFC. That night, we just cuddled, then made love the next morning. It was the best sex of my life and I was so happy.

Trouble in paradise

In spite of Iris speaking up about her husband and what a ‘wonderful man’ he is, the Home Office is still to grant him his spousal visa.

Many fans think his intentions towards Iris are disingenuous. But, she continues to stand up for him and said, him coming to U.K. would be ‘great for the economy.’

Iris said:

He could work at Hinkley Point power station — he’s a trained engineer.

Iris believes that Mohamed’s intentions are pure, as she does not come from money. He isn’t one of those who will flee after getting his visa.

The approval of Mohamed’s visa will be announced early November.

A distraught Iris added:

I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t see him soon, I can’t live in Egypt—it’s too hot and I need the NHS. But I’ll move there if I have to. Nothing will keep me and Mohamed apart.
Woman in shock after discovering her late husband's secret Woman in shock after discovering her late husband's secret