This man was left shocked after discovering a disturbing letter between his hotel sheets

This man was left dumbfounded by the contents of a mysterious letter in his hotel bed. Check out the video above to see what it said...

People often get some quite nasty surprises in hotel rooms. After this dissatisfied customer posted a photo of the shocking note he found between the sheets on his bed on Reddit, Internet users responded by publishing their own gruesome discoveries in hotels. And be warned, it really is disgusting when you realise that in some establishments, even some of the more reputed and expensive places, hygiene standards really aren't up to scratch...

One particular client at a hotel in the United States got quite a nasty surprise when he discovered a note tucked between the sheets of his bed. After pulling back the covers, he found the following message written on a piece of paper:

If you’re reading this, then housekeeping did not change your sheets!

From the name written on the stationary, we can see that this guest was currently at the Courtyard hotel which is owned and run by Marriott, quite a well-known hotel chain in the States and because of this, you would expect them to have quite high standards of hygiene that would be respected and followed for all their rooms.

Your motel room might not be so clean Getty Images

Among the many stories uploaded to Reddit of people's own experiences, one guest revealed that when they were staying at another hotel, he found a used condom in his room when he arrived - seriously?! Another woman explained that her husband found dirty underwear and two small bottles of alcohol in the bedside table. We really wouldn't have liked to stay in these rooms.

While we must admit that sometimes customers can be disrespectful and leave their hotel rooms in a deplorable state, the opposite can be just as true.

Check out the video above for all the details about the infamous note...

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