Desperately Tragic Scenes As Woman Jumps From Bridge With Her Son In Her Arms

A harrowing scene has gone viral on the Internet as a mother decides to end her life by taking her son with her.

A desperately tragic event has shocked Colombia and indeed the whole world. A young mum decided to end her life by jumping off a bridge and took her 10-year-old son with her. The tragic event took place in the city of Ibagué, in Tolima, Colombia.

Many videos of the woman's jump have been circulating on the Internet. Several witnesses recorded the moment of the fall from different angles as many witnessed the tragic suicide.

Several people who were there have explained how the woman threatened to take her life with her son in her arms. The alarm was raised and a rescue team arrived with firefighters, psychologists and policemen who tried to prevent the misfortune and prevent the woman from jumping.

Sadly, they could not do anything to make her change her mind, not even to save her son. Local media have told how the child begged his mother not to throw him over the bridge. After 30 minutes trying to persuade the woman, she ended up jumping with her son.

Many of the members of the rescue team broke down in tears seconds later after failing to avoid misfortune. The video contains very upsetting images of the jump.

Source: 24 horas

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