This sex technique of 'edging' can amplify your orgasms beyond your imagination

This technique of peaking is a hidden treasure that can magnify your pleasure beyond your imagination and leave you very satiated.

Sex is the best and foolproof way to receive pleasure. It can be hard and fast, or slow and sensual. However, this sexual technique will leave you in ecstatic pleasure all night long.

Edging is sex practice that is slow and steady but will leave you in throes of passion by the end of the night...or day.

What is the edging technique?

Edging is not that well-known by many. This technique is intense and requires an orgasmic buildup to the point that when you break, you’ll be in heaven of pleasure. As per HealthGuide, this technique is also known as ‘peaking’, ‘surfing’ or ‘orgasm control’.

But what is it really? To have an orgasm, there is no point in running, you have to be slow and patient. You also have to know how to hold back so that the orgasm is more intense in the end. In other words, edging is the art of holding back.

How do I edge?

For a sure and intense orgasm, do not hurry, but slow down. When you feel the pleasure rising, slow down, and build the pressure back up again. As explained by HealthGuide:

The plateau phase is a pretty brief period of the sexual response cycle: It’s the point where, if sexual stimulation continues, you’re pretty sure you’re going to come. It extends right to the point when ejaculating is inevitable

You or your partner will need to build up the stimulation ‘to the point of no return’ again and again. And when you finally let go, the release will be extremely euphoric. It doesn’t really matter who you do it with, rest assuringly the pleasure is guaranteed.

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