The many surprising benefits of cunnilingus

As well as providing pleasure, did you know that cunnilingus has amazing benefits for the body? Find out what they are below.

It is the feminine equivalent of fellatio: cunnilingus. Did you know that, in addition to providing enormous pleasure to the receiver, it also provides many benefits to the giver? Practising this preliminary act can relieve your partner of stomach aches. The liquid secreted by the vagina, cyprine, contains a large number of probiotics, the ‘healthy’ bacteria present in yoghurt and kefir. Their mission is to restore order to the body, and all this in a natural way.

Toning the face

As well as improving gut health, cunnilingus also keeps the face young and toned. Thefemale orgasm requires a little more patience than the male one and these facial gymnastics can work the jaw, tongue, chin, and cheeks. And it's also super rewarding and fulfilling for your partner to see you in ecstasy because of their actions.

Stress reduction

Since most women are clitoral, which means they get more pleasure from the clitoris and not from penetration, this exercise is perfect for bringing you to orgasm. It also increases blood flow to all parts of the body and brain, reducing stress.

A natural pain killer and a remedy for depression

Just like after a good workout session, after an orgasm, the body releases endorphins, otherwise known as the happiness hormone. It is thanks to them that we have this pleasant feeling of letting go and deep serenity. This phenomenon, when it happens on a regular basis, is an effective bulwark against depression.

These are not the only benefits of orgasm: it also acts on the oxygenation of the brain and can relieve migraines and arthritis. This magical effect is due to oxytocin, the well-being hormone that camouflages pain.

Cunnilingus is first and foremost a practice that provides pleasure, but if it also has an effect on health, so it is recommended that it be consumed without any moderation!

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