Reach your g-spot thanks to the ‘speed bump’

Having an orgasm is not always easy, and a bad sexual partner is often a hindrance. But you can reach it more easily with the ‘speed bump’ position!

Ever wondered where the G-spot is? And how to reach it effectively in order to have an amazing orgasm? The ‘speed bump’ position is your best ally on your quest to find sexual nirvana!

Comfort and pleasure

Sometimes all you need is a good cushion to take advantage of your G-spot. In the ‘speed bump’ position, your two bodies become one and the orgasm is ready to happen at any moment.

Getting into this position is very simple. Take a cushion and position it under your pelvis to raise your hips slightly. Stimulation of the pelvic area and penetration in line with your G spot is much easier in this position.

The ‘speed bump’ allows for deeper penetration, but not too deep, and allows your partner to access the G-spot which is just waiting to be stimulated! All you and your partner have to do is synchronise to get the most out of the experience!

Similar to doggy-style

If you are still hesitant to try out this position but you love doggy-style, look no further, the ‘speed bump’ is really for you. With your hips raised and your partner behind you kissing your neck, everything is conducive to the same thrill as with doggy-style.

So, if a sex position doesn't require you to be a contortionist for once, why deprive yourself of it?

Check out the video above for more details!

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