Orgasms To Ease Period Pain: Why Not Give ‘Menstrubation' A Go?

Why not try using orgasms and sexual pleasure to relieve your menstrual pain? This is the idea behind ‘menstrubation’. Let’s explain.

Historically, women’s health has often been overlooked in medicine and scientific research. The coin termed to describe this phenomenon is known as the ‘Gender Health Gap’. For years now, women have been trying to understand and regain control of their bodies, starting with their periods.

Although menstrual pain (but also endometriosis) has not always been the main focus of research in medicine, people are now trying to shed some light on the subject and find ways to ease this pain.

‘Menstrubation’ (a combination of the words (Menstru)ation and Mastur(bation)) is one of these ways. Introduced by Womanizer, a brand specialising in high-end sex toys, and Lunacopine, a menstrual cup manufacturer, this initiative hopes to prove that orgasms could, in fact, ease menstrual pain.

Therefore, in honour of masturbation month, these two brands have launched a challenge for women: masturbate to relieve your menstrual pain. Well, we’ve heard of worse ways of exercising at home, that's for sure.

But what exactly is the relationship between the pleasure of masturbation and menstruation? When you masturbate, your blood flow is directed to the pelvic region which consequently eases your pain and discomfort. Therefore, just a little bit of pleasure could help to relieve menstrual pain that you experience in your ovaries, kidneys or even your back. Great news, right?

If you are prone to premenstrual pain or are interested in giving this a go, you can register here until 15th May. To complete their ‘mission' participants will receive a Womaniser sex toy as well as a Lunette menstrual cup. That’s enough to change your mind about the benefits of research!

Check out the video above for all the information!

Here's how orgasms can relieve period pain Here's how orgasms can relieve period pain