The Colour Of Your Period Blood Says A Lot About Your Health

Periods are a symbol of female fertility that start around the age of 12. Sometimes they can be very painful depending on what symptoms you have. This can range from cramps, headaches, or even feeling fatigue. Did you know that the colour of your period blood can tell you a lot about your health?

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1. Pink: It’s usual to have pink blood for the first few days of your period but if you bleed pink outside of your period it is abnormal. Abnormal pink bleeding could be a sign of an internal injury, hormonal fluctuations or a premature sign of pregnancy.

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2. Bright red: Bright red blood is a sign of good health. Everything is normal, don’t worry!

3. Dark burgundy: Bleeding a dark burgundy colour with blood clots is not abnormal. Your uterus is simply beginning its cycle again. However, if your period is very heavy and lasts more than 8 hours then it could be a sign of a Fibroma (benign tumour).

If your blood clots have a greyish colour, it could be a sign of a miscarriage.

4. Orange-red: Orange-red blood can be the result of a mix of uterus secretions with your blood. However, it can also be a sign of vaginal infection if it’s accompanied by unpleasant odours.

5. Black-brown: It usually comes at the end of your period, the black-brown colour is just a residue of blood. If this dark bleeding lasts longer than a day it could be caused by an infection or excessive bleeding.

6. Bloodstains: These marks could be pale or even brownish and could be a premature sign of pregnancy or hormonal imbalance.

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