8 Things you need to know about having sex with an IUD

IUDs are a blessing if you want to stop having children and not take the tension of getting pregnant. However, does it affect your sex life? Here’s what you need to know.

IUD is an intrauterine device that fits in your uterus and acts as birth control. It’s basically a T-shaped string-like contraceptive. IUDs help you to finally stop worrying about taking a pill or breaking a condom. So, the question is doe sit affect your sex life? Women’sHealth spoke to a few industry experts and here are the eight things you need to know about having sex with an IUD.

Sex Drive

Neither non-hormonal nor hormonal IUDs have an impact on your sex drive. So, you’re safe! You probably won’t even feel it or see it as it is placed in the uterine cavity.

Menstrual cycle

While your sex drive should be okay, your Menstrual cycle may change for good. Women who have heavy flow and cramping during their periods will have an easier time of the month.

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Spur-of-the-moment sex

Having an IUD will help you have sex in the spur of the moment as you do not need to remember to take a pill.

Partner’s side

Your partner may feel the IUD string, however, it’s most unlikely. If your IUD is properly in place, you can be sure that they are super-thin and barely noticeable so your partner may not feel it.

Post-sex bleeding

If you have a Hormonal IUD, you may notice some post-sex bleeding. While it is rare, it still happens to some women. Hormonal IUDs thin the endometrial lining, the uterine lining that sheds every month with a period. And if that lining is thin, it may shed and cause bleeding.


The effectiveness of both hormonal and non-hormonal IUDs in preventing pregnancy is greater than 99 per cent, so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get pregnant.

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Switch positions

No sex position is off-limits with an IUD. As mentioned before, a properly placed IUD wouldn’t feel like anything so you can still do all your favourite sex positions without any discomfort.

Rough sex

While IUDs can slip out, it’s rare. So rough sex will most likely not dislodge it. The ejection rate is around 5% in the first year after having an IUD. However, having sex has no effect on this risk.

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